Session Grid for All Markets for right open/close, high/low and Daily market Profile

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Dear Volfix Team,

please make a Grid that shows the Session Time from each market - open till market close.

You provide a Grid on Daily basis, hourly basis and so on, but the Daily Grid shows 00:00 o clock until 00:00 chicago time in GC (Gold) for example.

The Session starts 7 hours earlier at 5:00pm to 4:00pm.

Only with the market Session grid we can see easily the right open/close, high/low and

the right market profile of each trading day of the CME, COMEX and other exhcanges.

All of the Community from Marcus Schulz (about 250 people) have that wish so please add this grid!

Thanks in advance

Best regards


Please provide the Session grid as soon as possible


Yes thats exactly what we need.


That woulf be absolutely perfect! 👍👍👍


This suggestion would be very helpful!


Hey Volfix Team, it would be great if you implimintate the idea of Chris. Thanx 


Please provide the Session grid as soon as possible. Thanks 👍👍👍

На рассмотрении

Great now we have the Session Grid but the Session Timeframe is missing, so the volume Profile is still only shown in Daily but not from start of the Session. Would be great if you can add this soon and also adjust the Boxchart and Orderwindow so we have the right Time from Session start till end in all charts. Thanks in advance


Was add TF2=session.

No way to load chart not from begin of day. Just use session grid to mark it.

Oh Wow, very nice and the Session is also added in TimeFrame 2
Didnt see that in the morning... sorry
Now "only" add the Session Time to the other Charts like BoxChart and Orderwindow and everything would be perfect! :-)
Thank you so much!
Great Service!

You can use session grid on Box Chart, Order Window, Range Bar Chart...

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